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1 Personal Details All details marked in * are mandatory
2 Introduction
Application for new Ration card (To be filled by head of the family or by any family member)
  1. Providing false information for issuing ration card is a criminal offence, legal action will be taken against the people availing false information.
  2. If any of the information provided in application is found incorrect or false then the ration card will be cancelled and any benefits or advantage of government supply / ration for civilian will be given.
  3. The application will not be accepted if entire detail is not provided as per the sample.
3 Family Details
Name of Applicant and other family members i.e. members of family who generally lives with applicant (Except workers or servant). Relation with Age Nationality Occupation and annual income
4 Other Details
Other Details (While filling this, fill the details of all the family members along with head of the family.
1. Total annual income of all the family members by all the means.
2. Total tax payable by all the family members. [Professional Tax / Income Tax / Sales Tax (Sales Tax Number)]
4. Do you have cooking / domestic gas connection?

Name of Gas Agency Gas Consumer No
5. Are you voluntarily willing to give up the right of receiving Cereal grains on your ration card?
4 Other Details
Please provide the following necessary documents as the residence proof in order to get new ration card:-
  1. House Receipt
  2. Latest Electricity Bill
  3. Any other residence proof